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Develop and master your gifts with a vocal coach who has been teaching for over 20 years

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"Jackie is a very positive and encouraging teacher who is able to get her students to a totally different level of excellence! She is an amazing voice teacher and person who changed the life of my daughter and our whole family."

-Orit Chanukov, Parent

“My daughter has taken voice lessons with Miss Jackie for 6 years. She not only has a sweet personality and a gentle heart, but also is a true professional and an excellent vocal coach. In our years spent with her, my daughter's vocal abilities were at their peak; Jackie recognized her potential and introduced her to truly challenging music.

We HIGHLY recommend Miss Jackie!”

- Nina Lynn, Parent




Dreams Don't Work

Unless You Do

I've trained under and worked with some of the best performers, vocal coaches, directors, and producers in the business. My years of training, performing, and teaching allow me to identify what each student needs to build on to get them to the next level. My style of vocal instruction focuses on each student's unique abilities, natural talents, and artistic goals.

I teach kids, teens, and adults from beginners to professionals. I focus on deepening my students' awareness and mastery of:

  • Breath Control
  • Vocal Power
  • Vocal Range
  • Blending Vocal Registers
  • Whistle Register
  • Head & Chest Resonance
  • Mix Mastery
  • Ear Training
  • Tonal Production
  • Vocal Strain Elimination
  • Audition Skills
  • Stage Presence
  • Repertoire Expansion
  • Song Interpretation
  • Diction
  • Microphone Technique
  • Ear Training
  • Music Theory
  • Artistry
  • Career Mentoring


 30-minute lesson/consultation ($50)

Lessons are: 1 hour ($100) or 30 minutes ($50)

Beyond the instruction time during the lesson, the lesson price includes time spent outside of the lesson choosing music, building your audition and performance book, working with arrangers and transposing and cutting songs, career mentoring, etc. Exceptions to that rule will be made if out-of-lesson time becomes excessive.

Contact for Scheduling



My home studio is located in beautiful Greatwood Glen in the Windward Community. Plenty of street parking is always available. You may park on the side of the street where my home studio is located.  Please do not park in the driveway. Thank you.


If you are early and I'm still teaching, please feel free to do your breathing exercises,  light vocalizing or review your lyrics in your car until it’s your time to begin your lesson.


I prefer if you remove your shoes before entering the studio. However, if you want to leave your shoes on because you plan to perform in them and want to practice with them, I am ok with that (as long as it's not raining out).


*New Student Materials Fee $55

(Due after your first lesson) 

These are the materials you need to bring to every lesson: 

  1. Your JMGVS Lesson Binder & Incentive spirometer.
  2. Your Audition Repertoire Book
  3. Instrumental tracks or YouTube links
  4. Water bottle.
  5. A device to record the session. 


My voice is my instrument and must stay healthy, so I cannot allow any student to enter the studio with a fever, cough or runny nose. I ask that you please be considerate and not come to lessons when you or your child is sick. I will hold fast to not teaching a sick student. If a student comes to a lesson sick, I will call you and ask that you please return and pick up your child.


When you come for your lesson, my studio will be located through the gate entrance. I usually run on time so please refrain from arriving early. If you arrive late, the time cannot be made up. However, if I am running late for some reason, that time will be made up.  Zoom lessons are still available for students who do not want in-person lessons at this time.

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